Making a difference

We at St Peter's College take our responsibilities very seriously. This includes our social responsiblity.

We focus our social responsibility efforts on these areas:

Social Responsibility Programme

St Peter's College encourages all students in Grades 8 to 10 to participate in the Social Responsibility Programme. This is a programme aimed at instilling in children a sense of contribution to and appreciation of their community.

The programme supports our core values of respect, relationships and responsibility, thus extending these to the outside community. This creates a realisation in students of their self-worth.

A minimum of 10 hours of community outreach is required to complete the programme successfully. The 10 hours must be completed halfway through the second term. We help pupils identify opportunities in the community such as animal outreach, working with children's homes, the aged, etc.

Building communities for the needy

Each year, the Grade 11s' project is to identify a need, launch a campaign, present to corporates to raise funds and physically build the required structures.

St Peter’s College works in partnership with renowned international organisations such as Habitat for Humanity (for eight years), the Niall Mellon Township Trust (since 2013) and, since 2014, the Charities Aid Foundation Southern Africa (CAFSA). We work together to eradicate poverty, and provide shelter to the homeless and classrooms to developing schools.

We are proud of having provided 28 families with homes over the past nine years. In 2012, we raised funds and built eight homes for single mothers during Women’s Month. In 2013, we built 10 homes in partnership with the Niall Mellon Trust in Zonkisizwe, Khatlehong.

In  2014, we worked with CAFSA to build a dining hall and install a number of much needed facilities at a preschool in Diepsloot. Listen to Koketso Rapoo, HOPE Committee Chairperson – Grade 11, talk about this on Radio 702 by clicking here. 

The 2015 Grade 11 campaign theme was YOUnity. We raised funds to build classrooms at two schools in Tembisa.

St Peter's College is changing the face of the South African landscape, one community at a time. Join us on our journey.


Kliptown Youth Programme (KYP) 

KYP’s mission is to eradicate poverty of mind, body and soul. KYP fights against the disadvantages imposed on the children of Kliptown by providing them with educational support and after-school activities.

On 17 May 2013, St Peter’s College started a Friday programme with KYP. Every Friday afternoon, 40 KYP children come to our school to engage with teachers and students who volunteer their time. We provide lunch and enter into activities that the KYP children may not have experienced before, for example, a cappella, art and public speaking. Then our students and maths teacher spend an hour helping the KYP learners with maths problems. The aim of the programme is to sustain the same 40 children through their high school years and help better their futures. 

Animal outreach

We also help animal welfare organisations to improve the plight of South Africa's animals. 

St Peter’s College Animal Outreach Week takes place in October, in the same week as the World Animal Day. We appeal to parents and learners to bring pet food and money donations. We work closely with four animal charities namely The Society for Animals in Distress, Sandton SPCA, South Africa Guide Dogs Association for the Blind and Free Me Wildlife Rehabilitation. Representatives from these organisations are invited to the College to address the School during the animal outreach week. Parents and students are also encouraged to adopt an animal at the Johannesburg Zoo for a year.