Head Girl

April Donnelly

St Peter’s College is a well-rounded community that allows for a welcoming atmosphere and an easy settlement within the school family, creating a healthy and safe ‘home away from home’ environment for anyone at the College to experience.

I am April Donnelly, Head Girl for 2016 at St Peter’s College. Upon starting your first day in high school (or a new school), there is not a fraction of a second in that moment in time when you are not utterly terrified of the uncertainty of what is to come- and my experience was exactly the same. What every student should feel is the eager awaiting of what will come and within my first day at St Peter’s College, this is what I felt. The overwhelming sensation of pride coursing through the mannerisms of each student was enough to make me feel like this is where I want to be: And I have to say, I have been fortunate to have experienced the unlimited opportunities and the friendly atmosphere the school provides.

My biggest fear is regret, yet, the main issue at the College is time. There is simply not enough hours in the day to fully embrace all the opportunities the College has to offer- although, this does not stop the passionate drive of all the staff members who strive to help each student reach their best potential. The school encourages us in every aspect of our lives. The staff members are approachable, the community is diverse, and the wide variety of subjects and activities on offer ensures that it is impossible to be bored. Whether your passion is sport, singing, dance, drama, art, debating or academics, there is something here for everyone. St Peter’s College excels not only at getting pupils into top universities, but at shaping them into mature and well-rounded young adults. Pupils from all backgrounds are able to flourish and reach their full potential.

As I have had the full experience here, I now understand how it is important for each St Petrian to embody and carry the College’s core values around wherever you go: Respect, Relationships and Responsibility. These values have played a huge role in my life as I have realised that it is within the responsibility of the elder students, being the senior students, to correctly apply these values in how we carry ourselves every day. This added responsibility reflects in the students’ attitudes towards school, portraying a focused yet enjoyable school life and becoming role models for those who are to become our future matric students.

Beyond 2016 will the door of my high school career close for good? It saddens me greatly in realising that my time at the College will soon be over, but I thank St Peter’s College for I will go out into the world without feeling a sense of terrible uncertainty and will feel a long lasting eagerness of what is to come. St Peter’s College has done more than edit the results on my report card, but has shaped me into the young woman I have come to be. It is for this reason that I am extremely proud to say I am and always will be part of the St Peter’s community.