Head Boy

Luke Christelis

St Peter’s College is a school that ultimately wants the best for each and every individual student. Indiviuality is something that the College promotes and feels strongly about; each and every one of the students are encouraged to have a voice and hold this voice in confidence - this is ultimately what a young person needs in today’s society.

I have been fortunate enough to be part of the College since Grade 9 and from day one I was welcomed into this diverse and passionate school. What each student takes out of the College is solely up to them and the teachers have them in their best interests. The staff members at the College are approachable and work extremely hard to create an environment that everyone would like to be in.

The three core values of the College: Relationships, Respect and Responsibilty are carried out in the College’s day to day bustle and it is seen through the way the students hold themselves in and out of school.

The College fulfills everyone’s desires from sporting areas to public speaking and different art forms, while still maintaining focus on great academic standards. Each department excels and plays a big part in defining the College’s environment. The College also places huge emphasis on creating young well-rounded adults who understand “the real world”. The pride and spirit at the College sees our sporting teams and other areas punch above our weight and succeed.

As the proud Head Boy for the 2016 year I look forward to maintaining St Peter’s College’s standing of a top South African private school.