St Peter's College offers over 30 co-curricular activities across the sport and cultural arenas. It is compulsory for Grade 8 and 9 students to participate in a sport and a cultural activity each term. Grade 10 to 12 students are required to participate in either a sport or a cultural activity each term.

  • The Springboks often train at St Peter’s College and have been most complimentary about the quality of our fields and facilities. A number of international soccer teams also use our fields to train
  • We broke ground in January for our hockey astro which was launched with an opening hockey tournament in May 2016. 
  • The 12th Annual Old Petrians Tournament, which is the largest and most prestigious open girls water polo tournament in South Africa, took place in February 2016 with 28 participants from all over South Africa, as well as from Zimbabwe
  • Our 13th annual Sports and Cultural Festival happened 16 - 18 September 2016, where 45 schools and 3 500 participants participate in a myriad of sport and cultural activities
  • The Music, Art, Dance and Drama (MADD) Centre opened its doors in January 2015. This wonderful world-class facility has certainly added a different dimension to our Creative Arts Department